Services and Payment

Services and Payment


For employers, there are a wide variety of pricing plans available to fit any medical institution’s needs, no matter how large or small. Our training methods are more cost effective and almost always more comprehensive than if you were to have your own clinical staff attempt to provide the training. For NP/PAs, our training programs are far less expensive and much more time efficient than university based medical specialty training programs. Typical payment scenarios are listed below.


Employer Paid:

  • When the employer has an open position and KetchMed recruits and trains a new candidate for that position
  • When the employer has hired a new NP/PA clinician, and KetchMed trains this new candidate for thier position
  • When the employer has an existing NP/PA employee, and KetchMed trains this employee for their current medical specialty position or provides on the job clinical support
  • When the employer seeks consultation from KetchMed on the most effective implementation of NP/PA clinical staff into their existing medical structure


NP/PA Paid:

  • When an NP/PA seeks medical specialty training that is not connected to a specific employment position through KetchMed
  • When an NP/PA obtains KetchMed’s on demand live clinical support but did not previously enroll in a KetchMed specialty training program