We Provide Employers, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants with Comprehensive Psychiatry Training


We solve your psychiatry shortage difficulties by:


  • Ensuring your advance practice clinician (nurse practitioner or physician assistant) has the knowledge, training, and experience to maximize clinical quality and work efficiently as a psychiatric consultant in your busy primary care or psychiatry practice.

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

We will:


  • Provide comprehensive and practical psychiatry training for a new position.


  • Enhance your knowledge and clinical skills in psychiatry for your current position.


KetchMed provides:


  • Licensed nurse practitioners and physician assistants with evidence-based didactic and clinical training in psychiatry.


  • On the job, on demand, intensive clinical support to advance practice psychiatric clinicians in your facility.


It is through our comprehensive training model that KetchMed ensures the highest quality of psychiatric care for any medical organization while facilitating the efficient use of cost effective and geographically available advance practice prescribers.

KetchMed will:


  • Provide you with thorough and efficient clinical training so that you can confidently work in psychiatry.


  • Provide live, on demand, on the job, clinical support for all of your clinical questions. You can text or phone any clinical question or scenario, any time, and receive prompt clinical input from our highly experienced clinicians. No matter your experience level, you never have to feel alone in clinical practice again.

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