Thank you for your interest getting our training to help you attain the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner role at Landmark Health in Ontario, CA (job link:


KetchMed trains NP/PAs in psychiatry. You will receive: 1. Comprehensive pre-employment training in psychiatry and 2. Intensive post job placement clinical support with one of our very experienced clinicians


An overview of the training is here:  training.


If this sounds of interest to you, please submit your resume to us. For positions in which we have an existing contract with the employer, the process is as follows:

  • We collect CVs (resumes) for the employers for open positions. Submit yours here or on this page.
  • The employer will review these and select the candidates they want to interview.
  • If you are selected, you interview with the employer and decide on the terms of your employment. Once hired you then enter our psychiatry training for new your job placement. The training is paid by your new employer. A summary is here.
  • After our training, you begin your new role and will receive post-placement clinical support as long as needed.


In some cases we have a pre-existing contract with employers, but for this job listed above we do not yet. We are in the process of contacting this employer. You may apply to this job independently as well.We encourage you to attach this summary (KetchMed_Summary) along with your resume to remind them that we are available to train you for the position and also show why you would be qualified for the position, following our training.


If the employer wants to hire you with your existing experience and training, and you do not need any addition clinical support, congratulations and you do not need our help. We would still encourage you to submit your resume below or provide more extensive information to us regarding your job preferences here. We may have future job leads in psychiatry that could be useful for you. It is free and we will never share your information or call you, but only email you with employment positions we work with in your area.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we try to answer any questions you have.

Please submit your information if you are interested in learning more about our training.