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There are many nurse practitioners and physician assistants with a general medical education and interest in psychiatry, but few with the training and experience needed to adequately complete psychiatric assessments and treatment plans. Utilizing properly trained nurse practitioners and physician assistants helps solve the shortage of psychiatrists facing many psychiatric and medical organizations.


We provide this training so you can have a trained psychiatric practitioner on your staff.


Primary Care Employers:


Proper assessment and treatment of psychiatric conditions has been repeatedly linked with better overall health outcomes in the general medical setting. Properly trained nurse practitioners and physician assistants can help solve your patient’s psychiatric difficulties and improve medical comorbidities. Take advantage of increased revenue and health cost savings, while improving the health outcomes of your patients through having a psychiatric consultant on your staff.


In the primary care setting, psychiatric trained advance practice clinicians will be available to manage common clinical scenarios, such as:

  • SSRI treatment resistant depressive and anxiety disorders
  • Serious mental disorders (Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder) awaiting transfer into the county mental health system, but requiring treatment
  • Serious mental disorders of mild to moderate severity and stable in the outpatient setting
  • Dementia and delirium with psychiatric symptoms or behaviors
  • Complex PTSD and Bereavement reactions
  • Risk assessment for harm to self or others
  • Psychiatric diagnostic clarification


Robust treatment of comorbid psychiatric conditions in the primary care setting has been associated with:

  • Improved medical outcomes
  • Decreased medical costs
  • Decreased liability


Psychiatric trained prescribing level staff also provide increased reimbursement potential through new Medicare Collaborative Care and Behavioral Health Integration codes.


Our training graduates are currently working in the following treatment settings:


  • Psychiatric Consultant to Primary Care
  • Psychiatric Inpatient Units
  • Psychiatric Subacute Units
  • Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics
  • Psychiatric Emergency and Crisis Stabilization Units
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities



Take advantage of nurse practitioners and physician assistants trained to manage the psychiatric conditions of your patients. Our academic psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners provide comprehensive didactic and intensive case by case clinical training to nurse practitioners and physician assistants (advance practice clinicians). It is through our intensive psychiatric training protocol that KetchMed ensures the highest quality of psychiatric care for any medical organization, even when no psychiatrists are geographically available.


If you have a nurse practitioner or physician assistant who is interested in psychiatry, or you are having trouble finding an advanced practice clinician with the proper, knowledge, training and experience in psychiatry to effectively work as a psychiatric consultant in your busy primary care practice, our academic psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioner training staff has your answer.


Psychiatric Facilities:


Our intensive psychiatric training program covers all of the core subjects of psychiatry and advanced psychopharmacology topics needed for your clinician to manage the most complex psychiatric conditions. For acute psychiatric treatment settings, utilizing an advance practice clinician will free up your psychiatrist for the duties where they are most needed.


It is through our comprehensive evidence-based psychiatric training and intensive on demand post-training clinical support that KetchMed maximizes clinical quality and efficient psychiatric care for your nurse practitioner or physician assistant.


In addition, KetchMed is improving the ability of employers to find the staff they need. We place NP and PA clinicians who have acquired their psychiatric training through KetchMed or through other institutions into a wide variety of medical settings.


Please fill out the form below and we will start working on solving your staffing or training needs.